Board of Directors

Steven Day, President (Term: May 2026)
Kim Gerry, Vice President (Term: May 2024)
Cindy Pratt, Secretary (Term: May 2024)
Mitch Peters, Deputy Secretary (Term: May 2026)
Holly Larsen, Director (Term: May 2024)


South Shore Harbour Municipal Utility District No. 7, a political subdivision of the State of Texas, was created by an Order of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the “TCEQ”) on July 24, 2001, and operates as a municipal utility district pursuant to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code. The District contains approximately 471.8095 acres of land. The District is located in northern Galveston County and lies wholly within the corporate limits of the City of League City.

The District is one of multiple municipal utility districts that served the 2,171- acre master planned South Shore Harbour Development, which abuts the south shore of Clear Lake, an inland saltwater bay providing access to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Of the original seven (7) Districts, only South Shore Harbour MUDs No. 6 and No. 7 remain active. The other districts have been dissolved and the property annexed into the City of League City. The District is located approximately 22 miles south of the central business district of Houston along State Highway (SH) 96, which provides access to League City and Interstate Highway 45, the freeway connecting Houston and Galveston. The District is bounded on the north by Galveston County Municipal Utility District No. 3 and on the south by State Highway (SH) 96. The District consists of 471.8095 gross acres of land of which 48.7 acres have been designated for commercial and multifamily and 315.7 acres for residential construction. The remaining approximately 107.41 acres has been dedicated as easements, open space and streets. Development within the District is substantially complete. The District contains approximately 1,182 singlefamily residences on 1,183 developed lots. The District also contains two 12,000 sq. ft. medical / professional buildings on 2.4 commercial acres and an 82,000 sq. ft. Kroger grocery store with 24,000 sq. ft. of retail and pad sites.